Welcome to uTraxIt!

The site that lets you track all your stuff

On your mobile phone, follow the following link to the The uTraxIt! interface

Premade lists

Some users have also compiled lists of places and things you might be interested in. Here is a list.

Make sure you have location services enabled on your mobile device, as well as in the Privacy settings on your browser.
When you start the uTraxIt! application, your device will ask you if the web page may use your current location. Obviously the application can only know the location of your items if you agree, so, say yes, or press Ok.

To enable location services

for iPhone/iPad: Go into Settings, then into Privacy, make sure Location Services is on, then go into Location Services, find your default browser which is most likely Safari Websites, and choose "While Using the App.

for Android: Not sure, will get back to you


We don't track anything. We don't need to know who you are, what you do. We just don't care. Nothing. Locations you track are stored in the local memory of your phone and unless you decide to share them, they are yours.